Organizational Restructure and Change Management are indispensable

One of the interesting topics in Human Resources Management is Organizational Restructure. We observe some old companies follow age-old policies and structures (hierarchies). The new start- ups also tend to borrow ready-made Org Structures leaving aside the necessity of one for its own. No one is exception in resisting the change. We may wonder that even the most matured, obliging, helpful employees may experience resistance. Change cannot be optional for senior employees. Generally, organizations think that if any change in the structure may affect the morale of senior staff members. The fear factor is only an assumption. Organizations may face a little resistance to change from its staff. But one must manage change, and even more importantly, one needs to take charge of change. Senior employees cannot be exempted from the change. They must lead and take the onus. The new system will ultimately have to stand on its own feet. Every new system needs support and nurture from all quarters. !deas must be revamped every time. Everyone must remember and probably aware of the fact that change is only the constant thing. We can’t either run away from it or make it go away from our lives. We can’t continue to do our job as we do it every day. We live in an environment wherein our customers are progressively more demanding. Technology is changing every aspect of work. The !dea what we had 2-3 years ago might be innovative at that point of time but now it is definitely an outdated one, if it is not thoroughly revamped from time to time taking the market driven requisites into consideration.

EoE (Empowerment of Employee)

Empowerment of Employees with necessary authority and tools through effective delegation, redefining staff roles and responsibilities, changing processes and systems, and refining service/solution to customers are needed to get more from less. The need of the hour is to empower the employees to make decisions and act quickly within the parameters of their jobs.

Unless we delegate certain tasks and get out of the way, by setting the critical path points, we cannot expect the desired results.

Slip off the comfort zone

Change is a gain and loss too. As “change” replaces something which exists since long time with a view to get new opportunities, it is a loss too to lose that “something”. Employees are unable to find their peers, comfortable job methods, known ways of doing things, stability and confidence in their own capability. We need to recognize their loss, and will assist people to move more quickly with us.

Handling the change management

Establish a structure which will support the change. There is no magic wand. So, change the yardstick to modify the measurement, reward, and recognition systems to measure and reward the accomplishment of new expectations. Call for and act upon feedback from all the stakeholders involved in change management process. Do not lose the human touch in the change. People have different dynamics having different needs and different ways of reacting to change. They need time to deal with and adjust to change. Listen to the employees and explain why the change is necessary and how it helps them to learn and grow along with Company.

If necessary, help them to cope up with the change. Seniors must participate in the training programs equally along with others and must show their willingness for the change to motivate the team and other employees in the Organization. Let us do what we say and let us say what we do.

Effective Communication while Transformation

Effective Communication is one of the significant factors influencing the resistance to change amongst the employees. Communication must not be deviated with the practices that we adapt and implement in the Organization. Give and Take approach always does miracles rather than expecting the respect one way. If you face/involve in any organizational restructure in your organization anytime, please share your experiences.

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